Here’s How to Get a 10% ICBC Discount on Your Car

Here’s How to Get a 10% ICBC Discount on Your Car

May 18th 2021 | Lia Ortiz

Insurance premiums are one of the many factors we consider when purchasing a new vehicle. Here in British Columbia, we are all too familiar with paying hundreds of dollars monthly just to insure our vehicles, and all that can add up to thousands a year!

Luckily, the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) has introduced some ways where you are able to qualify for discounts and savings. One of which is that vehicles equipped with factory-installed autonomous emergency braking (AEB) are eligible for a 10% insurance discount in BC.*

Car Insurance Savings

What exactly is AEB? It is through this built-in feature that your vehicle can anticipate collisions and reduce the severity of the damage. How this works in the case of an incoming front-end collision is that your vehicle’s breaks will automatically engage without any need for action on the driver’s side.

Different models may each have their own names for this such as the Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS) for Honda vehicles[1] and the Pre-Collision System (PCS) for Toyota vehicles[2].

Here is a list of 2021 models[3] where AEB comes standard or comes as an optional add-on for certain trims.**

4Runner 2 Series A-Class
Avalon 2 Series Gran Coupe AMG GT
C-HR 3 Series C-Class
Camry 4 Series CLA
Corolla 5 Series CLS
Corolla Hatchback 7 Series E-Class
Highlander 8 Series EQC
Mirai X1 G-Class
Prius X2 GLA
Prius Prime X3 GLB
RAV4 Prime X5 GLC Coupe
Sequoia X6 GLE Coupe
Sienna X7 GLE
Supra Z4 GLS
Tacoma   Metris
Tundra   S-Class


Accent Accord ES
Elantra Civic GX
IONIQ Clarity IS
Kona CR-V LC
Palisade Odyssey LX
Santa Fe Passport NX
Sonata Insight RC
Tucson Pilot RX & RXL
Venue Ridgeline UX


A4 Defender Ascent
A5 Dsicovery Crosstrek
A6 Discovery Sport Forester
A7 Range Rover Impreza
A8 Range Rover Evoque Legacy
Q3 Range Rover Sport Outback
Q5 Range Rover Velar WRX


Mazda3 Arteon Cooper
Mazda6 Atlas Hardtop/Convertible
CX-3 Atlas Cross Sport Cooper Clubman
CX-5 Golf Cooper Countryman
CX-9 GTI  
CX-30 Passat  


911 Q60 E-Pace
Cayenne QX50 F-Pace
Cayenne Coupe QX80 F-Type
Macan   I-Pace
Panamera   XF


To learn more about AEB or to find out if your older year models come equipped, please contact your local OpenRoad dealership for more information.




*The discount only applies to the 3rd party liability coverages (the basic $200,000 as well as increased optional limits). Discount not applicable to collision coverage. ICBC will not automatically apply this discount. It is up to the customer at the time of sale to purchase the discount, or it can be applied moving forward on a policy in person with an insurance agent. For more information, please contact your local OpenRoad dealership or ICBC. **Certain trims or packages may not come equipped with AEB. Please contact your local OpenRoad dealer to get more information on any specific year, make, and model.

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