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It's important to maintain the engine of your car and all of its moving parts. Those parts need to be properly lubricated to avoid costly damage, which is why engine oil is such a vital necessity for your engine’s health. Over time, your car’s engine oil gets old and becomes contaminated with dirt and debris from within your engine and from outside. Changing your oil regularly, and choosing the engine oil you can trust to protect your engine is important in extending the life of your Toyota.

The Toyota Genuine Synthetic 0W-20 Motor Oil can help protect your engine and keep it running at its best. It's also designed specifically for your Toyota's engine, and blended with synthetic components that provide higher purity and quality than conventional oils.


Come in for a Toyota 0W-20 Synthetic oil change service from only $78.96



* Oil and filter change

* Inspect engine air filter

* Lubricate lock latches and hinges

* Inspect lights, horn, and wipers

* Inspect coolant, brake, and washer fluid levels

* Inspect tire tread and pressure, and adjust pressure as required (including a spare)...

Added value: WASH and VACUUM!

All parts used are Genuine Toyota Parts and services are done by a factory-trained Toyota technician.

For V6 engine add $8.03 and V8 engines add $16.06

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